pgytech filter for mavic air 2- cpl filter (professional)


  • Lightweight aviation aluminum frame
  • Nonslip, quick-release design
  • 1 X CPL Filter for Mavic Air 2

*available in stock

Eliminate glare and improve your aerial footage with this CPL Filter for Mavic Air 2 from PGYTECH. This circular polarizer (CPL) filter is ideal for shooting on bright days near water, snow, or glass windows.

The filter is designed to reduce glare from these reflective surfaces, as well as enhance color, clarity, and contrast. The polarizing effect of the filter is adjustable with a simple twist.

Durable Construction:

The filters are constructed from German SCHOTT optical glass that has been ground and polished multiple times for a low refractive index to deliver accurate color reproduction. They’re protected from damage with a waterproof, oil-resistant, and anti-scratch coating.

Double-Sided Coating:

The filter is protected on both sides by its multilayered coating, and the optical glass contains an additional coating to help reduce reflections without color shifts.


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