Remote Pilot License Training (RPL)

Billed as one of the most exciting new additions to the Aviation industry, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems,  commonly known as DRONES, will now become part of our lives as technology keeps on evolving!

Our objectives include educating and training newcomers in the drone industry while assisting to facilitate employment opportunities throughout South Africa. Our drive and dedication are what sets us apart from the competition, which is demonstrated in each and every session that we have with individuals who register for these courses.

  • Fully accredited SACAA RPL Training
  • Part-time Drone Training
  • RPL Renewal Course
  • Flexible & Affordable Training
  • Industry-specific courses for professional drone operators
  • RPAS Instructors Rating
  • RPAS Pilot Licence


Contact us on 0105921919 to get booked for this course!

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