How to book your drone online for repairs. Leave a comment

  1. Book your repair online. To do this please go directly on to the website which can be easily accessed on
  2. Once on this page, got on to click the section titled Drone Repair Software
  3. The next step is to then click the yellow ”Return To App” search button. This button will direct you straight to the internal software where you can book it in. Link:
  4. Once on the software, go on to click ”New Customer”.
  5. Go on to fill out your details as shown on the page. These include your name, surname and contact number.
  6. Once you are done, your details will be loaded onto the system and you will receive a confirmation SMS notification and email, the assessment fee is R650.
  7. Once the drone is repaired, the drone gets tested and it will be ready for collection or alternatively shipped back to you.
  8. For further details on this process go on to click here directly

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